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Run fast.  Pickle back..

Run fast, pickle back. We are 26.2 Proof.

The BRC 2016

Chicago runners, Boston Bound.  And back.  26.2 Proof.  

Our BRC runners completed another winter training season and another Boston Marathon. This year we sent 10 runners; temps were warm, the sun was out, and we made the best of it.  Just as Boston is a capstone experience for many runners, it is definitely one of the races we look forward to every year. The entire Boston weekend from Saturday through Monday is always a whirlwind of anticipation, excitement, grueling pain, extreme highs and lows, and of course celebration. And so it was this year too.

Our drive to race and compete (with others and ourselves) takes us well beyond seeking BQ's and running Boston of course. This year as in past years we're competing in the CARA circuit.  You'll find us at many local Chicago race venues. If we're not running them, we'll be cheering them. The Chicago Marathon is always one of our major fall races for obvious reason, and we'll be out in numbers again this year.    

Thanks for looking us up.  While you're here, have a look around, drop us a note and say hello.  Until next time, Run fast, Pickle-back!



Our poker face is pretty damn good, but don't take us too seriously. 





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