From Chicago to Boston...

Bootleg Runners Coalition started out in 2012.  We are a racing team and social running group. Our roots are firmly anchored in Chicago soil, but our members now reside across the U.S. -- from San Jose to New York -- and beyond. Our team began with a number of runners training together in the winter of 2012 on the Chicago lakefront and the hills of Barrington, IL. Boston Marathon training brought the original group members together and lasting friendships were created. The high temps of the 2012 Boston Marathon ended a solid training season with anticlimactic disappointment. But the group found redemption in racing other marathons shortly after Boston; they remained in touch and continued running and marathoning together.

The group formed its own team after unsuccessfully finding another local team that fit the group's uniqueness. From that point the team grew, adding others who share the founders' thirst for running, fun, and the adequately decent company of each other's camaraderie.

Today, BRC's members train and race together, run marathons all over the world, philosophize and share in each other's experiences. We frequent local saloons and eating establishments, and revel in each other's individual quirkiness. Basically we're a place for anyone that loves the sport of running and isn't a total a-hole, or if you are, you're okay with being called out on it.

Beyond the social, we continue to grow and formalize our racing and training strategies. We are excited about opportunities for continued growth and much more Bootleg racing ahead!