Q.  What's up with the name?
A.  We created a list of ridiculous name ideas and then voted. Voila! Here we are.

Q.  So the bootleg name has nothing to do with alcohol, is that right?
A.  Well, it's sort of one of those double-meaning sort of things -- 
our original logo idea did have beer bottles...

Q.  When and where did BRC start?
A.  2012.  Chicago.

Q.  How many people are in BRC today?
A.  We are nearing our 100 member milestone! Right around 94 today. Most of us Chicagoans, or have lived in Chicago at one point.

Q.  Run fast, Pickle-back?
A.  Yes, run fast, and then have one of our team shots.  Let me google that for you:  http://lmgtfy.com/?q=pickleback

Q.  What distance marathons do you run?
A.  Oh shit.  :(

Q.  What about those other teams, Fleet Feet, TTAU, and MRC?
A.  No worries. We love them all! We just have to be careful when assigning people to teams for certain races.

Q.  So bootleggers and pickle-backs. Do you actually take running seriously?
A.  We chase overall and AG placings. We rigorously compete against ourselves for PRs. We work hard and, sure, we play hard. But we work hard.

Q.  So you're just a bunch of Boston snobs.
A.  No we're snobs everywhere we go! Wait, what. Seriously we're good peoples, and we will run marathons anywhere they're held.  Boston just holds a special place in our tiny little hearts.

Q.  Is there a BRC team on Untappd?
A.  We wish. Just as soon as Untappd creates teams we will be there - you can bet cash money on that.